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July 22, 2009



I love this post it is so very true we are becoming heartless people. You did the right thing at least you gave the tourist something to think about.

Marcus Porter

Thanx, it was something that has been weighing on me. I guess I needed to know if i did the right thing, or was it enough.


Ok, maybe im silly? but if the tourist was looking back afraid, why did he follow an addict? Why not just say "Yea, that doesnt sound right. Thanks but no thanks"

That sounds just...silly. tourist or no tourist, if yer scared of something yer not gonna do it.

Secondly, you ae right. Humans do not interfere. Why? Its nature...Its survial of the fittest. Do zebras run back and help the zebra that just got downed by a lion? No, they carry on. If people went and stuck their neck out everytime someone was in trouble, i sincerely think humanity as a whole would be an endangered species.

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